Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Official

Educational trips that we took when we were in school were not all about fun and enjoyment. We were given an orientation of the site we were to visit. And continuous inputs as we were taken around the place. Assignments to be completed on our return. And of course, we paid for our trips. At least our parents did.

Our city has a Mayor. It appears that some of the other cities in India have one too. Does anyone know what their powers are? And what they actually do? Besides going on jaunts abroad? Our mayor went on one such tour. She came back and said she wanted to pull down all the hoardings. Which is probably a good thing. But that was the only press note that appeared in the newspapers. Was that the only thing the mayor learnt on her trip abroad?

Isn’t it time of our officials went back to school?


  1. Poor children, so much work after returning!

    Sure, the Mayor has to go back to school and finish her assignment!

  2. YES indeed all offcials, leaders and Some teachers too Return to g ot oschool and put under same pressure.. :)

    teach them again...
    I like the idea for sure

  3. @Sandhya - Yes, why should only the children suffer!
    @AS - :-)
    @Bikramjit - Glad you share my view.

  4. Every one needs some kind of education or other. At my age,I attend continuous medical education classes.Your mayor should be sent back to some school,make sure some local schools.Foreign trips would cost you!

  5. You are on the mark totally...
    "is it the only thing that she learnt?" - That was a valid question...
    Have a wonderful day:)

  6. Exactly so. In the vanity of power they cannot go beyond this.

  7. You raise a valid point!

    Go and see for yourself. Then, act.


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