Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing Paparazzi

It was a girls day out.  A friend whose husband was out of town,  said she wanted to paint the town red. It was only a matter of speech.  So she asked us if we could take a day off and go out someplace.

And we did, armed with a nice picnic hamper, a camera, comfortable walking shoes.  We decided to be tourists in our own city.  We set off to the Chowmahalla Palace.  Since I had already been there, I decided to generally appreciate what I might have missed out earlier. 

And of course, admire the garden.  While I was busy taking pictures, there was a sudden flurry of activity.  A car ( that itself was unusual, because vehicles are not allowed inside) came in, and a lady got out. 

K, who was taking in the scene, whispered, 'Is that the Princess?' 

The Princess was indeed in town, as there were reports in the local papers.  I had no clue. 

And she said 'Quick, take a picture'.
 I said 'Are you sure she is the Princess?' 
She said 'No, but take the picture, she must be someone important, we can always find out later'.

So I turned the camera away from the flowers and took this.  (I have blurred her face).  I did get a better one too. 

I felt quite like the paparazzi.  Another security guard did say she was royalty.  He said the Nizam too was expected later in the evening.  Anyway, not quite the right thing to do, invading their privacy.

 Ah well, we giggled like we used to in our college days.  We did not paint the town red, but went home at the end of the day feeling all relaxed and happy.


  1. Woww! Thatz so awesome :)
    Wish we cud get to c a better picture :P :P

  2. This is real fun, Radha! Sometimes it is nice to behave like children!

    I envy you!

  3. Good !! Thats neat indeed !!


  4. Wow! Chowmohalla Palace. I loved my visit to it. Its really grand.

    You know, my brother-in-law is autograph mad. He can go and get an autograph from the most inaccessible celebrity. I'm not joking. Collecting autographs is a SERIOUS hobby. And somehow he becomes friends with those he takes autographs from. I don't know how he does it!! In his house he has all the autographs hung up on the walls instead of art like in other homes.

    So if he had been with you when the Princess arrived - he would have found a way to confirm her identity, gotten her autograph, had tea with her and become her friend for life!! :)))

  5. Fun time is relaxing! Even playing paparazzi. :)

  6. You can make a lotta money working as a paparazzi. Keep working on the skills. :)

  7. Nice outing.It is not necessary to go to new place everytime.Even the places visited already give new insights and may be nostalgic memories.

  8. You seem to have had a nice adventure.

  9. I love an occasional girls' day out! Nicely narrated-glad you had an enjoyable time!

  10. @Swaram: I do have a better picture. But not sure of the identity.
    @Sandhya - It really is fun.
    @Kavi -Thank you
    @ Deepa - Think your brother will give some lessons?
    @Chandrika - not sure if it is relaxing, but did get some cheap thrills.
    @Nona - should give it a thought. Post retirement options
    @KP - Very true. And the company matters too
    @lotusleaf - adventure, an unexpected one at that!
    @Manju - girls outing especially with old friends is de-stressing.

  11. I am glad you all had a great time. It is fun to do like this once in a while.

  12. I see you left this important piece of detail out when narrating the rest of the day's activities!!! You were never the snooping kind, or were you??!! Am sure Prince William and Kate Middleton will pray that you are nowhere near them now that they are getting married. You might just stumble on a story playing paparazzi!!!

  13. well what can be more exciting then Friend together and enjoying...

    and hey in the pic i notice three people and it seems ALL THree on Mobile phones talkign :) thats funny

    and we all are kids in same way or other so yess lets get out and paint the town redddddddddddddd


  14. Girls wanna have fun too. A special time together is always nice .

  15. Come on, dont be so secretive.
    Babys day out!

  16. Every photographer's dream! Are you sure you don't want to sell the originals to the media? :)

  17. @SG,Keats - Yes it was a lot of fun
    @Serendipity - True, I never was the snooping kind.
    @Bikram - even security was on the phone. I wonder what was so important!
    @Jyoti - I do not think this picture is 'worth' that much. It was just the thrill that mattered.
    @Haddock - I would like to think I did!

  18. WOW!! Wish we could look at the other pics too!

  19. Something gets liberated when you go out with a childhood friend. And the reluctance to impinge on a in individual's privacy is rare and nice.

  20. You'd have been much in the demand in the UK. What is missing however in a 350 CC Bullet to chase them in ishtyle :-)


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