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Diwali was quiet this year. For the first time in 28 years, we did not have either of the kids with us. I think it is something we need to get used to. But we were not the only ones. Obviously, there are many others our age, who had a quiet festival. Not that it gave us any extra comfort, but it was a sign of times to come.

A festival sans noise, confusion, the extra pair of hands… but we managed pretty well. It was also a year, when we left on schedule for the temple visit early in the morning.

We made the traditional sweets, distributed some, went visiting relatives and friends, lit the diyas, made a small floating floral arrangement, doodled, watched TV, exercised, entertained, .. it was not too bad. As I said, probably an indication of retirement days that are not too far ahead.

I have joined a basic art class. So, I am busy drawing various shapes. All the different shaped mugs, glasses were taken out and I laboriously tried to sketch them in my new ‘Classmate drawing book’, that I bought at Landmark. A book that reminds me of childhood. Where you have a printed page for name, class and school.

In my art class, I am the oldest. I have got used to this situation. 15 years ago, when I went for a music class , I was the oldest. 7 years ago, in my French class it was no different. And at my present age, it is no real surprise to find that happening once again. The next oldest is some 20 years younger. Which makes me believe that the generation next to mine, those in the 40s are probably caught up in their own lives and no time for relaxation. Those in their 20s and 30s I find are able to juggle their careers with other options as well.

I could be wrong.

I have also begun to enjoy a bit of photography. Easy with a digi-cam ( thanks to my bro, who realised how much I enjoy this new hobby). And am obsessed with taking pictures of trees and flowers, despite the warning by SG on his blog that it is a sure sign of getting old. My younger one, instinctively moves away and disowns me the minute my camera comes out.

Talking of age. I grew a year older last month. Somehow, I have lost count of the years (conveniently?), and give it a thought whenever I need to book a ticket or write down age particulars in a relevant form. Then I pause, do a bit of math and write down my age. Quite often I do a bit of wrong calculation. At the end of the year, I realise I have been declaring myself a year older than I actually am. It has a positive side, suddelnly I feel a lot younger on the corresponding birthday!

That reminds me, I need to update my profile page. Maybe, I will next year..

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  1. Wish you Happy Deepavali.
    Yes, when kids are not aroud, everything is quite. Without them no festival is celebration.

  2. Cool! Don't bother about not taking pictures of flowers. Use your camera to its fullest advantage.

  3. Looks like you had a quiet but happy diwali!

    Yeah...time seems to be flying. I can't believe I'm in my mid 30s, what I used to think 'old' once upon a time! But I truly appreciate your spirit, pursuing your hobbies, learning new things...I guess age is no deterrant and you can follow your dreams as long as you have the passion and will to pursue it! So go for it :)

  4. Wishing u a very happy Diwali Radha.
    Clicking is such a nice hobby. Do share some pics with us. Art class sounds really interesting. Gud luck :)

  5. I thought I was reading about myself, Radha!

    Ours also nowadays is a quiet crackers, no fights, no one to eat sweets, appreciate my savouries...but other relatives are there to taste, so am continuing to do huge quantities!

    I like the way you have started pursuing your hobbies, Radha! It must be interesting, with lot of spare time in hand.

    Photography also should be interesting...

    Only some youngsters give a hostile look when they see middle aged women learning something along with them. Most of them admire, I have noticed.

    About writing your age, I am doing the same, everytime I calculate my age while entering, so much calculation!

    Enjoy growing up, Radha, I am ahead of you!

  6. Photography is amazing, I love it too... Click some pics and share it with us, will wait for them!!
    Wish you a Happy Diwali and prosperous New Year:)

  7. We had a very quiet Deepavali as well. But far away in the wilderness. That was the only way !!

    heres wishing you a great festive season ahead

    And yes...belated wishes on your birthday !!


  8. Happy Diwali. And, happy birthday also (belated).

    You go ahead and take pictures of trees and flowers. We would love to see them in your post. Mine was just a tongue in cheek remark.

  9. Belated happy birthday. :)

    The post started off with a melancholic note. But, you have packed your life with so many activities. That is really commendable. :)

    Have fun in your classes. Upload your creations (photos and otherwise) over here. :)

  10. Nice rambling indeed.

    Talking of being the oldest in arts class you are in a better position than I was.When I joined a DTP course a few years back , my teacher was a 20 year young thing and she called me Thatha being 50 years elder to her.She gave me a completion certificate with a good grade more out of her regard and affection for her'grandpa' than any merit.

  11. NOOO! I was just thinking of taking up serious photography! Boy! I am ONLY mid thirties and ALREADY! :(
    Another Diwali went by without any big plans. I am sure I am going to regret not making life fun for my kids!

  12. Wow Radha, you do keep yourself active and happy, learning new things all the time. And the observation on 40s not making time for more is acute. nice rambling

  13. The world has become smaller, they say. But that also means that children are often farther away.

    No matter that they are not home at festival time. Whenever they come is festival time for us parents!

    As Sandhya said, I, too, like the way you are pursuing your hobbies. interests outside the usual household chores help to keep us young at heart, I think!

    Lol on forgetting your age! I do that too. :)

  14. @Rajesh : Very true. But this is a situation bound to happen as you get older
    @lotusleaf: I am doing just that. Was inspired by your blog too.
    @RGB: It happens - the term 'old' changes, because before you realise it, you are at that age!
    @Swaram - Thank you. It really is interesting.
    @Sandhya - We are in the same boat
    @Arti - Thank god for the Digicam. A nice hobby to pursue.
    @Kavi - Thank you. Waiting for the posts of the 'wilderness'
    @SG - Thank you. I just remember that comment in your post. Could quite relate to it.
    @Nona - Let's see how the art class helps. If they are worth displaying, I can post them. Right now it's still early days.
    @KP - The young 'sir' respectfully calls us all Ma'am, I have not been singled out with any other title. Thank god.
    @Jyothi - you start off now, and by the time you are my age, you will be an expert photographer.
    @Kallu - just my observation about the 40s.
    @Manju - very nicely put, anytime the children come home, it is festive time!

  15. Happy diwali to all of you.
    Well, for us it was different.Our son came all the way from overseas for Diwali.

  16. More than the age,it is the attitude.In India, when people get old,most of their time is spent on grand children.Their world gets smaller and smaller as they get older. But I have seen the opposite in Europeans.They start travelling around the world,and enjoy better times than before. It is lovely to see these old men and women walking hand in hand,at tourist destinations.It would be unusual to see such expressions in our community.
    No age is an exception for any kind of engagement.Always is short,eat dessert first!

  17. first of all happy belated birthday to you..

    Hmm diwali reading your article makes me think how my parents felt when I moved to uk, and my sis moved to australia and usa .. I guess we will all have to see it one day when the kids leave home for pastures greener and a career ...

    But i am glad you had a good happy diwali..


  18. It would be so nice if we could say "how many diwalis have you seen?" instead of the "how many summers ..." especially, when some of our cities see summer come two times in one year - once before the monsoon and then after the monsoon! (I was thinking of Bombay and I guess Chennai is difficult too)

  19. You know when I turned 30 (so many years ago!) I used to say that henceforth my age will go in reverse. That means next year I will be 29, then 28 etc. Nowadays I say that age is a state of mind.

    But kudos to you for following so many of your interests. I took a sabbatical last year and had an intention of doing exactly that. Joining French class, taking up a second degree. All came to nothing. Now I'm back to full time work! :)) I wish I can be like you when my kids leave home. :)

  20. @BKC - Lucky you!
    @ Dr A - I think spending time with grandchildren can do wonders for the soul. However, you should have time for oneself too.
    @Bikramjit - yes, I am sure your parents felt the same way. It can be no different.
    @Indian Bazaar - This year, we fortunately had just one summer. It has been a long long monsoon. The rains have not gone, after the SW Monsoon, we have the effect of the NE one. All in all pleasant weather. If only the roads were in better condition.
    Deepa - I too wondered if I was doing nothing useful and at the same time enjoyable. When I stopped thinking about it, things fell in place!

  21. Happy clicking with your new camera. :)

  22. grrr.. I typed a long comment, and when I hit publish blogger died on me.

    the gist of the lost comment was that, we too celebrate a quiet diwali but for different reasons. far from family, busy work weeks, nearest temple one hour away and so on so forth. esp no bursting crackers in NJ.

    when I went to art classes I was the oldest too :P I was in college, BSc, and the rest of the kids were in school :)

    My photos, when we go sightseeing, have more of building, birds, animals, grass and flowers than people :D

    lovely post!


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