Sunday, April 20, 2008

The new obsession

Till now it was my laptop. It still is retains the top spot ( sorry family). But a close second is the cell phone that became mine by default since the younger one graciously refused it for reasons best known to her. So what was the prized possession of the elder one became mine when she moved to London. I really went overboard trying to personalise it. The wall paper has the childrens' pictures. The phone number selected consists of birth dates of husband and kids. Pictures for the special ones were chosen . Now the ring tones to identify the callers is being carefully considered. The general ring tone that I have presently is a beautiful number from the soundtrack of Amelie that there are times I do not want to pick up the call since the music is so soothing. The phone even has a camera ( which is the only feature that is not worth mentioning), but nevertheless handy to capture few moments and especially useful for posting on blogs. If at my age I can develop such attachments to materialist possessions, why blame the younger crowd for their obsession with new age electronic goods? But then I console myself that I can at this stage ensure that the obsession remains within limits ( the family would disagree on this I am sure).

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