Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Last night I was awake for a very long time. My thoughts turned to my mother. It has been 36 years since I last saw her. It is strange that I think of her more often in the past few years than I had done earlier. When I was young, people remarked that I was a splitting image of my mother. And I remember a time when I was approaching 40, I had looked into the mirror and I thought my face seemed familiar - it seemed as if my mother's face was staring back at me. Of course now I have outlived her and as I grow older the resemblance may not seem to be there as we did not see her grow old. It was a coincidence when my daughter told me that as she walked past a mirror the other day, she thought she saw an image of me in the reflection! Though, when I look into the mirror these days, I see a face that is slowly aging, much different from the glow and youth that are on my daughter's face and I can see no resemblance.

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