Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bombay with my father

I saw a picture of the Mumbai museum yesterday. And I went back in time once again. That particular room was so vivid in my memory. And to think that I had hardly even thought of the visit to the museum in the past 40 years. And of course I just sat and recollected the trip. I hope no one noticed me then ( at my desk at work). I must have had a lost look. It was in 1968 that we had been on our annual vacation to Mangalore/Udupi and my father had work at Bombay. My mother was very particular that my father took me along so that I could have my first trip on an airplane. Air travel was extremely expensive and not too many people had the privilege of traveling by air. And I had my student concession ready - it brought down the fare by half. Those days we did not have to report early, there were no security checks. And most airports had those lovely cane chairs and almost all were quaint old buildings( it was quite like home). The best part was that those who came to see us off could stand on the lawns of the airport and actually wave out to the passengers in the aircraft. We got into the craft (Avro) stuffed our ears with cotton. I had been told what to expect on the flight and that some could get sick and so on. I proudly told my dad as we took off that I was not feeling air sick at all only to be told that we were just taxiing and at that moment probably moving slower than a car . It was quite an eventful trip ( of 5 hours with a halt since the aircraft could not make the trip non stop). And every time we hit an air pocket the plane would dip some 15-50 feet and liquid in the glasses were sloshed all around. In Bombay my dad took off from work one day ( clear instructions from my mother once again that I would have to be taken around and shown the place) and we went to the Bombay Museum- known then as the Prince of Wales Museum or was it Bhau Daji Lad museum ( which started off this nostalgic trip of mine), the Taraporewala aquarium, the hanging garden and Gateway of India. I do not remember much more except that on the trip back from Bombay, we had some great food served on the flight. I next traveled by air about 25 years later!! Well things have changed now. Air travel is not so uncommon. I also wonder how many residents of Bombay ( now known as Mumbai) have visited the Museum!!

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  1. Very very nice ma! I knew you about the first flight and the air pockets and all, but didn't know about the museums. Could imagine myself with you while reading it :)


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