Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Thanks to the Australia - India cricket series, we have had series of discussions on racism. I read this interesting article by Jug Suraiya in his syndicated column, he has this to say 'Racism is always directed against a weaker group by economically and socially dominant group. In modern times, 'white' (developed nations) have been racist against 'black' (developing nations). There is an implicit recognition, both within the country ( India) and internationally that such 'racist' barriers are in fact a tacit admission of the growing challenge that India poses to the 'white' or 'developed', status quo. India's growing dominance ( instead of the colonised subservience, as was formerly the case) in international scheme of things, be it in IT, trade, nuclear capability or cricket.' According to him there is an apt American saying - don't get mad, get even. Because the whites cannot get even there are more instances of racism. And this he terms as realism.

As one of my children gets ready to fly to a part of the world that can be racist, I read the article quoted with greater interest. Despite all odds, they move to a world where they may not really be welcomed hoping to provide themselves and their children a better life. Just remember to prove that you are superior by skills that you possess.

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