Sunday, January 6, 2008

And the puzzle that is me.

No, this is not about self introspection. This is about puzzles. And incidentally I thought of the S&G song -'Patterns' since it has this line The pattern of my life And the puzzle that is me.

I have to solve some kind of puzzle each day. There are many reasons - mainly out of interest, to while away time, to keep my mind active ( I read this slows down aging of the brain), to ensure that I take my eyes off the bad traffic in my city ( in the car). I like doing the crossword, the sudoku, the jumble words, jigsaws, or even spotting the 6 differences .

I enjoy most the cryptic crossword. And that is one I have not mastered at all. My father could solve the most difficult crossword within 15-20 minutes. I regret not having spent time with him learning the art of crossword solving. It could have been real quality time that I could have had with him. I remember my parents doing the crossword together. My mother had the uncanny knack of coming up with the right word. She was not very good at it, but managed to get the right word for the last couple of clues my father would get stuck with.

It seems a good idea for people to do any kind of puzzle (especially the ones which involve mental activity) along with a partner. It would be as good a pastime as a game of scrabble on a Sunday afternoon. And watch your vocabulary expand.

To end with S&G My life is made of patterns That can scarcely be controlled

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