Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blessed Are The Meek.....

Well, I am not one of the pushy sorts. I am known to wait patiently at the billing counters allowing all those boisterous loud mouthed persons to get ahead of me without a word. Atleast most times I do, simply because I don't wish to get into an argument and at times when I am lost in my own world and do not even notice that I am being taken for granted. But of late I suddenly find myself becoming assertive . And I have slowly begun to realise that it pleases me no end when someone is (deservingly) at the receiving end. I think it is high time especially since I turn a year older this coming week to stop being pushed around. And it is no longer blessed to be meek ... though I am not too sure it will work at home! Atleast there I can throw a tantrum.


  1. you're beginning to scare me ma :)

    But, it's good a thing you realised after half a century of being pushed over by other unnecessarily aggressive people.

  2. I'm beginning to relate SOOOOOOOOO much to you...and just starting to read through your blog!!!!!


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