Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweet nothings

I have been off sweets for 20 days now. 10 days to go. I am surprisingly not craving for sugary stuff. Can this be me? For someone who could never go past the kitchen or refrigerator without having to check out for something sweet to eat, this has been quite an eye opener. I have been gorging on other foods though- have discovered that fruits are an ideal substitute for sweets - very healthy too. I think the others around the house could have put on some weight eating the stuff I have not touched!! Maybe in consideration of their health I should get back to eating sweets. Or maybe not. I hope this will help me control the urge to eat a sweet all the time. It also makes one wonder why people cannot give up some of their addictions. All it requires is a bit of self control. Or does it... I know for sure giving up my computer would be an addiction that would not be so easy to give up. I wouldn't even try!!

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