Thursday, October 4, 2007

Music for the soul

Music, these days has the same effect as my 'old friends' - soothing. Especially music of yore. Brings back the old days. There was this particular song that we sang whenever we went on vacation with my parents ( which takes me back some 45 years!!). There was a song for every occasion - when the lights were off, when my eldest brother came home, a song for my mother and so on. They were meaningful lyrics. Where has all the beautiful music gone? Not that I don't enjoy the music of the present. After being exposed to the music choices of my children I have begun to enjoy some of it. There is a definite beat and I do find myself tapping my feet to the music. Very gently, at times I am told not to pay attention to the lyrics or ensure that I do not watch the music video - lest I am shocked. Strange are the times. When we were young our parents warned us not to watch a particular film. These days it is the reverse!!

But a note of cheer - retro music is back. Maybe at times in a remixed version. Nevertheless, my point is proved that there can be no substitute for the music or the lyrics of the good ole oldies.

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