Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blessed Are The Meek.....

Well, I am not one of the pushy sorts. I am known to wait patiently at the billing counters allowing all those boisterous loud mouthed persons to get ahead of me without a word. Atleast most times I do, simply because I don't wish to get into an argument and at times when I am lost in my own world and do not even notice that I am being taken for granted. But of late I suddenly find myself becoming assertive . And I have slowly begun to realise that it pleases me no end when someone is (deservingly) at the receiving end. I think it is high time especially since I turn a year older this coming week to stop being pushed around. And it is no longer blessed to be meek ... though I am not too sure it will work at home! Atleast there I can throw a tantrum.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweet nothings

I have been off sweets for 20 days now. 10 days to go. I am surprisingly not craving for sugary stuff. Can this be me? For someone who could never go past the kitchen or refrigerator without having to check out for something sweet to eat, this has been quite an eye opener. I have been gorging on other foods though- have discovered that fruits are an ideal substitute for sweets - very healthy too. I think the others around the house could have put on some weight eating the stuff I have not touched!! Maybe in consideration of their health I should get back to eating sweets. Or maybe not. I hope this will help me control the urge to eat a sweet all the time. It also makes one wonder why people cannot give up some of their addictions. All it requires is a bit of self control. Or does it... I know for sure giving up my computer would be an addiction that would not be so easy to give up. I wouldn't even try!!

Brave Heart

When my head hurts I cannot do anything at all. Just bundle up into a room, switch off all the lights, pop in a pill and wait till it subsides. Which brings me to my nephew who had a serious head injury. Yet amazed the doctors with his rapid recovery. And in my brother's words has retained his sense of humour. Is it not amazing? I should take a lesson from him in trying to cope with these insignificant aches.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ganesh puja

The Ganesh puja was on Saturday. At left is an image of Ganesh which I made using the paintbrush tool. The image of ganesh has been created in every inconceivable manner. A favourite with all artists. Yet this is one festival which loses its very charm in the manner it is being celebrated . There are huge idols, extremely garish that are created and the processions and ceremonies that are attached to the installation of the idol or the immersion can in no way be considered religious. It is shameful that we have allowed a festival that should have been celebrated within the 4 walls of the home to have emerged into a highly politicised and ugly affair. There is palpable tension at the time of the festival for it definitely attracts a lot of anti social elements. The hooliganism that is observed at public places is to be condemned. The lovable god who should have been made of clay and natural colours is fast becoming a major source of pollution.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old friends...

Old friends
Memory brushes the same years ( Simon & Garfunkel)

Met an old friend today. Friend from Class 2. The aunt who brought her up passed away. Turning the pages of the newspaper that morning, my eyes were drawn to the familiar face staring at me in the obit pages. I was sad ... in the last 25 years I must have met her only a couple of times, but that did not erase the number of times I had met her earlier. She had grown old and was suffering. For her it was a relief from pain . As one grows old you cling to memories of childhood.

That brings me back to my friend. Meeting old friends always has this impact on me. One comes home feeling very 'refreshed' if you can term it that way. It is easier keeping in touch with friends these days - with the advent of cell phones and sites like orkut and the like. Our days it was not easy. Not all of us had telephones. And after graduation we generally dispersed .. some got married, some went abroad. We kept in touch occasionally by snail mail, but whenever a friend turned up, word would just go round and we would drop everything and meet for an hour or two and reminisce about the 'good old days'. Invariably doubling up with laughter at the pranks we played at college coming back home feeling young and energised.

Old friends
Memory brushes the same years ...

Monday, September 10, 2007

My daughter gets a raise...

Yes it makes me proud. She deserved it. Atleast I hope this makes her realise that hard work does pay... literally. Her new hubby and she can have a better life if they use the money wisely. The difference between their generation and ours is that we didn't have the opportunity and the monetary rewards but it did not deter us from doing our best, saving for a rainy day from whatever little we earned. Hopefully money will not change old fashioned values.


Thats just one of the names my daughter addresses me with. It changes day to day sometimes by the hour. What matters is the tone!! But I love them all . Makes me feel special. It is on her suggestion some time ago that I have started the blog. I am not too sure how long this will last. But I wil give it a try. Maybe it will awaken some writing skills (?) which I hope were dormant till now!!
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