Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old friends...

Old friends
Memory brushes the same years ( Simon & Garfunkel)

Met an old friend today. Friend from Class 2. The aunt who brought her up passed away. Turning the pages of the newspaper that morning, my eyes were drawn to the familiar face staring at me in the obit pages. I was sad ... in the last 25 years I must have met her only a couple of times, but that did not erase the number of times I had met her earlier. She had grown old and was suffering. For her it was a relief from pain . As one grows old you cling to memories of childhood.

That brings me back to my friend. Meeting old friends always has this impact on me. One comes home feeling very 'refreshed' if you can term it that way. It is easier keeping in touch with friends these days - with the advent of cell phones and sites like orkut and the like. Our days it was not easy. Not all of us had telephones. And after graduation we generally dispersed .. some got married, some went abroad. We kept in touch occasionally by snail mail, but whenever a friend turned up, word would just go round and we would drop everything and meet for an hour or two and reminisce about the 'good old days'. Invariably doubling up with laughter at the pranks we played at college coming back home feeling young and energised.

Old friends
Memory brushes the same years ...

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