Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out of Order

Out of Order is a sculpture by artist David Mach that is on the Old London Road in Kingston upon Thames. It is a series of tumbling telephone boxes that has over the years become an iconic landmark of the place.

Those little red phone booths in the UK are still around, maybe in fewer numbers but still being used.  Just like the red postboxes.  I was pleased to see people posting letters, postmen going on their shifts as early as 8 in the morning.  Little sights that are missing back home.

Kingston upon Thames is a quaint place.  And at their Ancient Market Place one can spend some time browsing, sitting on the stone benches looking at the old buildings and taking in the architecture.

I did a post for Indian Bazaars here about the Market Place.  Do go and explore Kiran's blog for insights about the market places in India and elsewhere. 


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    1. Long time no see. For that matter, I was not blogging too !

  2. The picture looks very nice! Are they empty boxes?

    Our street still has got a post box, but very few people use it, I think...the cell phone has taken over! Even my servant maid has got a cell phone for herself and one for her husband!

    Will check the other post!

    1. I think they used the actual red phone booths. I have seen very few post boxes now. And the postal staff look so disinterested in their job.

  3. First I thought they were phone booths, but they look too small for that!

    The post office here itself is horrible. One small area with bundles of letters...very limited staff, full of boredom... Sincerity is no more anywhere.

  4. Those red telephone booths look awesome. Yes the booths are still very much in use there, and also the red letter boxes. London is always beautiful and one can walk, walk and walk forever without feeling bored or tired. Next time I visit London, I w ill remember to take a picture of these telephone sculpture.
    What happened no blogging for quite some time?

    1. Been travelling. Have a lot to write, but not getting down to it !


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