Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you turning into a 'bonsai'

The man is reading the book 'The Case of the Bonsai Manager' by R Gopalkrishnan. I have attempted to read some of these books on Management, and generally do not go beyond the first chapter. Most of them are so theoretical and also, I believe that I have no managerial skills. But out of curiosity I did pick up this book and read the first couple of pages - I still have not gone beyond them - as I have paused to write this post!!
For one, I have never been a great fan of Bonsai. Creating a bonsai is an art and an difficult one at that requiring a great deal of patience and care. But I have always held that stunting the natural growth of a plant to create a miniature is a cruel practice.
The author, in the introduction to this book warns managers not to be like the stunted plants and writes that in the absence of intuition or its adequate use, one turns into a constricted manager.
An interesting thought, that makes me feel that this might be a book that is different from the 'Who Moved My Cheese' kinds. And even if it fails to hold my interest, it has made an impact. It has made me think that the term 'Bonsai Manager' can be applied to my life. Or even yours.
Just don't be a 'bonsai'. It may be a work of art. But it would mean that your growth is restricted and stunted. Do not allow anyone to restrict your growth and nor should you allow your thinking to be narrow. Allow yourself to branch out. Grow like the California Redwood or the lovely Banyan Tree.

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  1. nice one ma. am about to do the gaol setting exercise at work, will keep this in mind! Muthas


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