Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Six mois...

That's six month en francaise. Monday, September 10 was my first blog entry. Realised it has been over 6 months. I started the activity to find out what the concept of blogging meant. It seemed to me rather strange that people would want to blog. After all for a senior like me, if you kept a record of your thoughts it was either very private like a diary or if it was for public viewing, then every attempt was necessary to get people to read it. A blog especially one like this does not fit into either category. But it has a very therapeutic effect that I cannot explain. To whosoever invented the blog ... I am grateful. And also to the person who encouraged me to experiment.

Since the subject is six, some excerpts from a blog I stumbled upon ( related to a six word story). I reproduce few:
Never again! Unless… well, maybe someday
Here kitty kitty… Here kitty- Ouch!
You took my hand; hello, future.
Found a heart. Wasn’t broken. Weird.
I wake, see and enjoy, sleep.
Harry met Sally. Sally met John.

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