Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's only the attitude..

I read this nice blog written by a 72 year old. She said she derived great pleasure each morning stepping into her well organised kitchen. And how she realises now that it does not mean drudgery when a woman spends time in the kitchen. Well, I have not attained such lofty thoughts as yet, but there is a remarkable change in my attitude. I have for the past 10 years hated stepping into the kitchen. However, the resistance is gradually receding. I am not sure why. It is not that I love to cook. There are times ( especially when my younger one is at home), where I would rather spend time with her doing some fun things than be in the kitchen. But of late, I spend time browsing some cookery sites ,this I owe to the elder one, who wanted me to pen down recipes for her. That was a pat on my back that I did not really deserve. It could change my attitude totally. And who knows, at the age of 72, I could be like the lady whose blog triggered off this post.

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