Sunday, December 23, 2007

Letting go...

Letting go of kids is difficult for most parents. I am no exception. It is the final 'severing of the umbilical cord'. And rather difficult when you have been a parent for over 20 years.

For most parents this comes at a difficult situation in life. There are job pressures and problems of retirement looming large on the horizon. Financial pressures, health and mid life crises add to the uncertainty. And therefore trying to cope with children moving out or asserting themselves can be rather trying.

For some the 'empty nest syndrome' can also change their marriage. Some couples get along better. Others don't. It becomes imperative that we as parents try living our life alone without the kids. The vision of the old couple sitting on a bench in the park seems larger than life. It almost seems like the initial days of marriage- just the two - but different - since life has revolved around the kids for over two decades- it can get very very lonely.

It is said that saying goodbye to the children does not mean you are losing them but it should put the relationship on a new footing. And so it shall be. After all our main purpose was to help them grow to be mature and independent young adults. It is time they take charge of their lives. It is time for us to let them go. But we still remain their parents - and that job is never really done as long as they need us.


  1. I love the last paragraph.

    And will need you. Always.

  2. Letting go sure is a difficult thing to another 5 years or so I too would be facing that situation...
    rather than letting go...can we not say bringing in a new relation into the family - it could be a son in law or a daughter in law...
    I liked your posts very much....and your blog looks really elegant........
    Oh by the way I got your blog id from iphrase...
    have a lovely day ahead


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