Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trying my hand at verse...

As I was blog hopping I happily landed at SRA's blog.  SRA and friends have started a group on facebook that has a common objective of writing on a particular theme each week.  That was just what I needed to get back to blogging.  I was also exposed to different styles of thinking and writing.  It got me trying my hand at a bit of poetry.  Something I had not done for a very long time.  An edited version ....

What Nonsense !

I cannot do with all this fuss
I went to meet  the Octopus
Extra arms I need to borrow
To multi-task from ‘morrow

And so I return with four more pairs
Slowly climbing up the stairs

This will make my work so easy
The kitchen top will ne’er be greasy
Cut, braid and pack  in one go
The arms will glide in graceful flow

Alas, co-ordination was such a strain
The cheese sandwich went down the drain
The wiping mop went into the box
And lass’ braids were tied with socks

The Creator watched this with disdain
To think I equipped them with better brain !

So much thought in their design
Yet,  all they do is cry and whine
 And, what a waste of the effort  I took
For them to while away time on facebook ?


  1. Ha ha! Loved this verse- I did not know that you wrote poetry as excellently as you write prose!

    And really, looking down on us humans today, God must be thinking exactly what you've written here. :)

  2. Welcome to the world of poetry.The one here promises a great fare ahead.

  3. hahaha! That was so different and interesting!

  4. Just loved this!! The creator part the most...

  5. Hilarious! Refreshingly different! Must say - I loved reading this "nonsense" :-)

  6. Do I wait for another month, or run from pillar to post?
    Or wait patiently for Radha's next blog post?

  7. :-) A month over since the last post ! Have to do something about it !

  8. This was brilliant!!!!! Encore, Radha!


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