Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Not Important to Touch Your Toes

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All these years I have pushed myself to touch my toes.  Till a fortnight ago.  I was lying down on my new green yoga mat.  I always feel it is necessary to have these little pretty accessories that serve as an impetus to get going on an exercise routine . Well anyway, to get back to the supine position on the yoga mat...  I got up and bent forward to touch my toes.  And I found that my hand did not proceed beyond my calves.  I mean I could touch the toes the day before. So what was wrong today? As I was trying to push myself to make the phalanges meet, I realised it was absolutely unnecessary. Why pull a hamstring on a day the body does not want to make the extra effort?  And after that believe me, exercising is a lot more fun.  And no stress.  And just being consistent with the routine is the secret of a successful workout.

So remember, It's not Important to Touch your Toes...unless of course you are a fitness trainer.

I have even gone as far as to think this would make a good title for a book.  And I am sure it will atleast attract a few eyeballs at a store. But for someone who has not been too regular posting here, I know  the book will never see the light of day.  But that has not stopped me from thinking about the sequels.  For instance..

It is not important to be size zero ( unless you are Kareena Kapoor)

It is not important to be a perfect wife ( it will only make your husband lazy)

It is not important to be a perfect mother ( your kids will be brats anyway and yet grow up fine)

And so on... It could be a hit.. remember the Dummies series?

Ponder over it.. perfection is fine, but is really necessary if the end result can be achieved without the strain?

What do you think?


  1. Loved all the titles of you 'dream' books! They are all really catchy titles!

    I can't touch my toes though I am not very fat. My friend who is very huge, could touch her toes...flexibility is the secret, I think!

    I exercise facing East always, but don't like the yoga mat. I am scared to use it thinking it would skid, but I know it won't!

    Though you are not very regular in writing posts, whatever you are writing are good, Radha!

  2. It is not necessary to have heavy content for the blog post(what is needed is the ability to craft a post that keeps readers rivetted)
    You did it.Nice one, I liked

  3. @Sandhya - Coincidentally I face east too only because it is convenient. Does it help? I am not overweight either, but touching toes on some days is difficult, I do not know why. Other days it is effortless. And btw the yoga mats are non skid material.
    @KP - Thank you for all your encouraging comments.

  4. After all nothing is perfect in this world.

  5. Absolutely right Radha. Stretch yourself only to the level which retains your enthusiasm level and keep you comfortable.It is not necessary to overdo things.

  6. The fact is I never could ever do it.....
    Not even when I was the fittest basketball/volleyball player.
    So nothing to worry :-)

  7. Interesting post, one can easily relate it to various aspects of life.
    Title of your forthcoming book is superb as well as for the sequels, I'm sure they will top the best seller charts :D .

  8. Hi Radha,

    Thanks for dropping by my daughter's space...nice of you! know I loved reading that..must say flexibility is the secret, still it's no big deal I guess..LOL on your dream titles..I liked that part abt write more..will be back to read your other posts..:)

  9. Yes! Perfect wives make their husbands lazy! Well said!

    BTW, I strolled towards your blog from Ramakrishnan's. I like the title :)


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