Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Indian Politician

I am upset with the Indian politician.  

The recent defiance of the politician with regard to their portfolios has made me very upset.  What is their definition of a coveted post?  Is it the power one can wield or the money that can be amassed?  Is development not given a thought?

The attitude of two disgruntled ministers is disgraceful.  One can see an opportunity to do so much good in the portfolio as the Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation.  And what about Science and Technology?   And yet we have the ministers who were given this responsibility seen openly sulking.  It is clear they do not have public service on their agenda.

  I should think they are probably incompetent too to head these departments.  We require qualified and committed individuals. 

I remember the movie Nayak, where an ordinary citizen is given the charge of being the Chief Minister for a day. If only it were true.  If I was given charge, among other things, I would ensure that the water connection  to all ministers' homes be disconnected, at least  for a day.  

It is time, we really gave our elected leaders something real to sulk about.

Would they then wake up?  Empathise with the thousands who have no access to drinking water, who have to trudge miles for a bucket of water, who live in unsanitary conditions. Would they understand the magnitude of the problem when faced with a similar situation?

Hard to tell.. but worth giving a try.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back Again..

It's been a while since the last post. But then, I was on a holiday....

 It was almost a five year plan.  The visit to the UK to see the elder one and S-I-L.

The visa application had been downloaded so many times in the past.  Filled in too.  And just kept aside. I think the elder one did not take us seriously this year either.  Especially when we had not submitted the papers and hardly a month left before our scheduled date of departure.  She threatened to cancel her leave.

And when it finally did happen, it was one major rush.  The passport with the visa arrived a week prior. The scramble for tickets. The volcanic ash almost playing spoilsport. The on and off  airline strike.  And then, suddenly, it happened. The whole family together after a very long time.

 We were given a day to rest and then we were off to the countryside.  Initially the camera had not a moment of rest.  Until it appeared that every scene had to be captured.  But how many?

A trip to Lake District, and we realise how Wordsworth, who lived here, might have been inspired. The poetry could have been spontaneous. But while he did pen down his words, I was only left speechless. The scenery  so breathtaking.

While we were sad it ended, we were also glad to get back to the routine, however mundane it might be.  I guess that is what keeps one going.

Groan, groan, another boring day...... another menu to think of ...getting ready to work.... until the next holiday.
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