Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Indian Politician

I am upset with the Indian politician.  

The recent defiance of the politician with regard to their portfolios has made me very upset.  What is their definition of a coveted post?  Is it the power one can wield or the money that can be amassed?  Is development not given a thought?

The attitude of two disgruntled ministers is disgraceful.  One can see an opportunity to do so much good in the portfolio as the Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation.  And what about Science and Technology?   And yet we have the ministers who were given this responsibility seen openly sulking.  It is clear they do not have public service on their agenda.

  I should think they are probably incompetent too to head these departments.  We require qualified and committed individuals. 

I remember the movie Nayak, where an ordinary citizen is given the charge of being the Chief Minister for a day. If only it were true.  If I was given charge, among other things, I would ensure that the water connection  to all ministers' homes be disconnected, at least  for a day.  

It is time, we really gave our elected leaders something real to sulk about.

Would they then wake up?  Empathise with the thousands who have no access to drinking water, who have to trudge miles for a bucket of water, who live in unsanitary conditions. Would they understand the magnitude of the problem when faced with a similar situation?

Hard to tell.. but worth giving a try.


  1. If you were given a post for one, you will disconnect water connection to the ministers' homes. I am sure you are capable to doing something like the hero in "Nayak" did. A sincere attempt to clean up the system ie trying to get water connections or providing water for the maximum people. :)

  2. Your anger though legitimate is powerless in the well entrenched system where the greedy politicians are ubiquitous and all powerful.The hapless poor are today never visible in the radars of the rulers despite the regular homilies heard on their welfare.We need good men who are service minded to enter politics in hordes in every part of the country to displace the corrupt and champion the causes of the poor.The lone cries of a Anna or Baba are lost in wilderness.The good men are hiding afraid of the hostile atmosphere with money power and caste politics being the sole determinants to enter politics.What do we do then except bewail our lot and submit ourselves to the hardships?It is a daunting task to transform the system unless the country throws up a great and good man like Mahatma to clean the Augean stables.

  3. Nothing of the sort, you are dreaming is going to happen here, in the near future, Radha! We don't see a sincere politician in the young group (Rahul's friends!)too.

    Even Kapil Sibal was reluctant to take the portfolio he was offered! I was really astonished...he looks and talks so sincerely! No wonder our Moun Mohan Singh is fretting inside without an outlet to let out the fumes...poor man!

    Well intended post, Radha! But we can just sit and write! Feel sorry for ourselves...

    I am cooking in drinking water nowadays, because the ground water has become saltier and no other pottable water is available here, in our area.

  4. Not a bad idea to cut the water connections to ministers' homes! But unfortunately none of us 'ordinary' people are likely to get the chance to be CM...

    Yes, the attitude of the ministers who did not like the portfolios they were given was truly childish!

    I sometimes think that maybe the politicians who are sulking may not really care what portfolio they get. Maybe they are creating a noise just to impress their followers?

  5. You are seriously mistaken if you think anything at all about our politicians.Why do you think they beg and fight for portfolios?
    Recently when one minister was sacked for allegations,he requested that his son be given the post of the minister and the Congress party obliged!
    Where in the world can we such shameful practices!

  6. Well The politcians are like a DOGS tail, you can put it in a straightening rod for years .. when it comes out it will still be bent.. They will never learn ..
    makeing a fool of public is in there DNA.

    So i doubt if it will help the only way i think is get rid of them altogether ...

    confiscate there property not jsut them but there friends and relatives .. because the frisnd and relatives no matter hat they say do take advantage fo there minister friend-unlce-chacha-mama :)

    sincereity is not there after all the ytake a OATH in front of people saying they will work for the people without any hicucps has anyone ever done it and yet they say they beleive in god and this or that .. one who has taken oath and refuted it is NOT A MAN simple ..


  7. How can any system work, when the ability of a chap to do work in a particular field, depends, not on his special subject expertise and knowledge, but his ability to be a chamcha ? We all study, qualify, and give interview after interview to acquire a measly job, that too, in our field of training. Here's a guy, probably 4ths standard pass, with false age, degrees, and experience, and you entrust him with a technical ministry ? And he entrenches his flunkeys and relatives all over the place ?

    We must be the stupidest folks to worry about college an exms.

  8. I wonder if there is anybody in this country who is happy with the politicians and their way of functioning and partly we ourselves are responsible for it.

  9. I liked your first line very much - "I am upset with the Indian Politician". It somehow brought to mind the Jeeves of P.G.Wodehouse - a man of dignified ways - Jeeves, showing his discontent in his own silent and yet forceful way.

  10. nice post
    every Indian dreams about this

  11. May be its the word politician, which makes them so greedy..I am dying to see the day when we will have atleast a few good qualified and honest people as our leaders.

  12. Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

    George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)


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