Monday, March 7, 2011

Visiting the Daughter

I am on a short trip to visit my younger daughter in Delhi.  I never generally travel alone, but this is one of those few times.  She shares the apartment with two of her classmates from law school. 

I am reminded of the song - Sunrise, Sunset from the old musical - Fiddler on the Roof. 

When Tevye sings -
Is this the little girl I carried..?. 
and his wife Goldie joining him with ...
I don't remember growing older, When did they?

Yes, when did they?  It's true, she left home early and went five years away at college, but then she did manage to come home at least twice a month since we lived not too far away.  It is now close to two years that she has started work and this time far away from home.  The other two of her flatmates are as young and confident as her.

And they manage it all.  Despite working almost seven days a week, they manage to catch up with friends, throw in a small party, go out for a movie.   Where do they get their energy? 

It is a reversal of roles.  She is the caretaker.  And it  seems the time has come  for me to imbibe some of the qualities .  They were definitely not inherited.  

I will soon head back home.  And will continue to worry.  Which parent does not?  But in a way content that she has a good head on her shoulders.


  1. Thats one thing i hated.. :) parents coming to visit me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) he hehehe
    samajhte nahin ho ..

    Fiddler on roof :- you seen the movie about two years ago i say the actual theater presentation of this musical WOWO and i seen the movie too so many times ...

    and God bless her I am sure she will do great .. I guess staying alone away from parents and all makes one strong and confident and we shud all do it .. kids leave home when 16 or 18 they will leanr more ......


  2. Wow! The sheer contrasts of the two posts I just read! Smita from booklifenmore wrote about the accomplishments of her 7th month old son. And you speak of your working independent daughter! Sigh! I am right in between these two stages! Enjoy your moments of pride and best wishes for the many more to come!

  3. It is difficult for the parents to accept that the children have grown up, Radha! You have done a good job! One day she will quote you to her children!

  4. Be proud and happy that she has come so far!!! Enjoy your stay with her.

  5. How true.They never grow up for us.

  6. @Bikramjit - Quite understand. I make sure I do not give free advice! Though at times, I do forget and get that 'look'!
    @Jyothi - Thank you. Any stage of their growing up is both fun and hard work.
    @Sandhya - You have your two sons. So you know how it is!
    @Ravikumar - Thank you
    @Dr A - So true.

  7. I dont know about you, but your daughter must be very happy and excited

  8. Yes, you've evidently raised a confident and strong young woman! Enjoy the rest of your stay there. :)

  9. Enjoy your trip, I am sure she is eagerly awaiting your arrival :-)

  10. You have a wonderful daughter. But parents will always find it difficult to accept that their kids have grown up.


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