Sunday, August 8, 2010

Under the Scanner

You can get under the scanner for simply the right reasons.  Which is very wrong!

Have you paid your taxes.  Are you paying more than you did previously? They you may be under the IT scanner too. For all the wrong reasons. You need a refund? You won't get it easy. Until some 'formalities' are completed. The IT department is sitting on  1000 crores of unpaid refunds. Read it here. No wonder people look for ways to evade tax.

Most harassment comes from the Government departments.  And the private ones are at times as bad.

There are millions who use unlicenced software.  They have no reason to worry. In fact, they are probably happy.  They have saved a lot of money.  But the minute you buy licensed software, your details are immediately noted.  Microsoft, Corel, Adobe... atleast those are the ones we use at work.

It is interesting that calls, mails, visits are made to only those who have bought software.  MS for instance makes innumerable calls.   And besides they are not polite either.  Bill Gates would not sound as pompous.

You tell them you have no IT Manager.
How is it possible? We need a software audit.
Call later, we are busy. 
No it is urgent. 

The calls increase.  The mails increase.  Until we tell them, they are free to come down and check.

We cannot. 
We are in Delhi. 
Then please do not harass. 

There are so many who have no legal software.  Yet you harass those who buy, just because you have our name and contact numbers????

While we continue to do what we feel right, it does not feel 'right' anymore.  But we cannot do anything else.  Any solutions?

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  1. Nice one. It is news to me that MS people want to come to your home and audit. If they want to find out all they have to ask is for your software's licence or registration number. They can check in their office to whom it was sold.

    Is it OK if I forward this post to someone I know in the MS office.

  2. I guess every one is just doing their bit to justify the salary they earn. But if we turn the tables and make a call to for any clarification or service or support from a company whose product we have bought legally..what do we get? a long on hold music followed by an accented voice thats more confused than us and then some mumbo jumbo that doesnt work at all!!

  3. SG - But this is not audit at home, but at place of work. And it is because they have the contact number and address that they keep calling you.

    Sujata - So true... the message that goes on... you are important to us, please hold on...

  4. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I have added your blog to an NRI/Indian blogger directory I am putting together. Please check out my blog too when you have a moment.

    ~ NRIGirl

  5. Thank god, I am using linux!

    I get fed up easily when I complain about some product and hear the 'hold on' music. No more polite talking...they just don't hear what we say.

  6. Oh this is so true! It seems that people are harrassed for doing things legally!

    And as Sujata commented, it is difficult to get any after-sales service...

  7. Wow! Didn't realize things were so bad back home. What I don't understand is why do the MS people want to audit? Isn't it the job of the government's audit dept?

  8. How true! Those who obey rules get harassed. :(

  9. Really, MS calls up to perform an audit. If you are running an organization, you will audited! But for private individuals?

  10. Sandhya _ I wish we were comfortable with Linux
    Manju, Bindu - so ironical,no?
    Jaya - this is a software audit
    Nona - they only audit those who buy their software. There are organisations that do not use software and they are allowed scot free only because their details are not with them.

  11. Nona - it should read legal software


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