Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life Rocks?

This is a temporary slum that shelters construction workers.  These workers have just finished constructing the five star Park Hotel that is a stone's throw away from their dwellings.

To waterproof their homes they use flex, vinyl material that is discarded.  It is ironical that one of them has a flex that proclaims 'Life Rocks'. 


  1. For them, life might be rocking!

    The pic is ironic from our point of view.

  2. Great find! What a contrasting perception.

  3. Real tragedy. How can India become a world power when people are living in this condition.

  4. Life is like that...I some time feel what Kareena Kapoor will feel when she will see my life..May be she will feel the same what I feel about these people:D

  5. Wow...what a shot! Hmm....I've been reading your commentators and I can see where they might be coming from. Certainly for us it would seem such a travesty...and indeed I am a strong advocate of every man/woman/child's right to have a proper shelter. But I guess what some are saying is that...perhaps these earnings for them is HUGE and they can bring back their monies to a more permanent home where they can share it with family? If this is only temporary perhaps they are glad in it. I don't know. What I do know is this...the HUGE construction firm and developer will rake in money...far more than they pay out to these workers I am sure...that is indeed the travesty and inequity of it all.

  6. Irony indeed!

    Complete equality will never be possible- perhaps it is not even desirable. But it should be possible for everyone to have their basic needs of life satisfied.

  7. I am thinking of Ananika's point. Very true. For all you know maybe their life rocks too!!!
    Hey..they stole my tag line.... :P he he

  8. Nona - They do seem a cheerful lot, but yet, I do not think life is rocking for them under any circumstances.
    KP,Indrani,lotusleaf,Haddock - Truly is.
    Anamika - We sure do not lead the life Kareena Kapoor does, but we have the basic comforts, maybe not some luxuries. But your comment did bring a smile.
    SG - A long way from becoming a world power.
    Trish - Very true. One can only hope their life improves and their children have a better life. Atleast some sort of permanent dwelling.
    Manju - Basic needs should be provided. But for such a huge population as ours, providing basic necessities to all will be daunting task.

  9. With all the swindlings by the politicians, some good schemes are provided. Only thing is, it should reach the proper places. Even here, in these slums, the local goondas swindle their own people, using most of the govt. grants.

    Really, felt sad looking at the 'life rocks' words on top of their roof.

  10. That's an irony :( If it was really compulsory for the builders to provide basic amenities like toilets and shelters and creches and balwaadis etc - maybe we would pay a little more, maybe the builder would make a little less profit- but then one might just say, that perhaps life does rock for them.

  11. Its a Rocking Life,

    on a precpice,
    a ledge
    on the 15th floor,
    the plumbing interface
    a tub bigger
    my entire house...

    The setting sun
    makes no difference
    as I climb down
    unprotected stairs
    and reach home
    to sit
    in a dripping corner
    on a rock
    through the ground.

    In my twelve
    cubic feet
    it is
    darkness at noon.
    As in life,
    i need
    to tread carefully
    uneven ground.

    Like I said,
    Its a rocking Life.

  12. Ironic and sad indeed!
    But, i do hope someday...
    This irony turns into a reality!!

  13. Beautiful capture of reality.

  14. Such irony:(
    You are tagged.

  15. I am sure they have their shares of joys and sorrows. The divide is a stark reality that has to be faced. Life does not necessarily rock with wealth.

  16. I am sure they have their share of joys and sorrows. Wealth is a commodity. Life need not rock only with wealth.

  17. What an irony ! Wonderful picture !

    There is also another way to look at it. to think of all those who will stay at The Park and such other hotels and the load that their minds would carry....surely, these people's lives rock !

  18. Jyothi - glad it is your tag line.
    UK - as always a comment in your inimitable style
    Indianhomemaker - that is something to think about
    Arti - we could eradicate poverty if programs on paper really are put into action
    Rajesh - thank you
    Sujatha - I do agree wealth is not everything, but basic amenities are what I was talking about. I am sure they have their joys too.
    Kavi - thank you. But Park management is smart, they have ensured that their hotel rooms do not have this view! So I wonder if their guests would give these folks a thought.

  19. observation !

    The truth is irony !

  20. The disparity is only getting wider. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and we go on, neither here nor there!

    "Life rocks" - Interesting observation that.

  21. Thats life...govt has many schemmes, but as usual not everyone can get the benefit..but even in socialist countries, everybody cant be in the same position, and it shouldnt mean that life doesnt rock for them.

    These things are always subjective..

  22. That is a great shot Radha. You nailed it! Maybe you should consider a 365 day Project for 2011. You have an eye for it.

  23. How ironical .This is a recurrent theme - the slums growing next to high rises , gated communities and 5 star hotels .And this is shining India !

  24. Aah.. the grand temptation to fix life.
    We are a bundle of relative opposites. wherever or whenever we cast our eye, we will see the world in likeness or opposites. The stronger our belief in the reality of our personal terra firma, stronger the irony will appear.Everything serves a purpose in your very personal window to the world. A story is sad if you already knew a happier part.Happy would be irrelevant without the sad. The story is working for you, in you.

  25. well it might be its rocking for them, whatever they want or do are doing it.

    moreover i doubt if they read what it said before putting it up there .. for them its jsut something to keep there room waterproofed:)

  26. I liked it.The picture says so many things in so many ways.
    Life is all about living and how one does it.Not that money is not important.It is so bad to be poor and homeless and sick.
    But generally they don't have many dreams the way we do.It is when you have some thing that you want to have more.
    I remember having read some where." If life gives you lemons,make lemonade".


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