Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This picture was taken outside Mahalaxmi Temple, Mumbai.  There was this elderly muslim gentleman going around with incense ( unfortunately I was not quick enough and I just managed to capture the scene as he left the place ) collecting alms from the shopkeepers  Not a common sight .  He would have in most places stayed close to his own place of worship.  But the shopkeepers here did not seem to find it unusual.    

Right now in my city, there are communal riots.  And most believe it is politically motivated.  Which makes me wonder, why religion is given so much importance?  I recite the Hanuman Chalisa each day, but to be frank I did not know it was the Hanuman Jayanti today!!  And that I realised when I saw some noisy ruffians on two wheelers carrying saffron flags.  I do not ever remember the festival being celebrated in this fashion.
I have always claimed that I am not overly religious. Yet, I do as I said recite the Chalisa, listen to devotional music in the morning, light the lamp in the evening. And there is no real compulsion for me to visit the temple. As a dutch comedian is reported to have said - I do believe in God, but I do not trust his ground personnel. 
I would rather observe my faith in my own manner, within the walls of my home.

I must  also confess that I recite the Hanuman Chalisa on nights when sleep does not come easy..... a far better thing to do than counting sheep....


  1. I love the quote. Truth for sure! I too am not overly religious although in some respects I guess I might be VERY spiritual. I truly believe it should be personal faith, personal choice and private belief. My husband, son and I all have different belief systems....but have a fundamental understanding and similarity ...I believe all spiritual paths lead to a common enlightenment. Irregardless, the point should be that form of faith does not determine inner spiritual faith...right? And public worship, is not required to have inner faith and peace, although public worship can have benefits in other ways. Good Grief...I went on too long here! What I am saying is yes, I agree with you dear Radha.

  2. Loved the line" I would rather observe my faith in my own manner, within the walls of my home."
    If only everyone did this the world would be a better place to live in

  3. Nice quote.. "I do believe in God, But I do not trust his ground personnel"


  4. Well, whoever gave those flag carrying ruffians the tag of 'God's ground personnel' is far from the truth !

    They arent ground personnel. They are actually the Devil in action.

    I hope the situation changes in Hyderabad quickly. Its such a lovely city and i have wonderful memories from there ! Its so sad !

    Trust all is well with you

  5. I am so glad to see your post today! After reading the news reports online yesterday, I was going to e-mail you today to ask if you have been affected by the riots.

    As you have mentioned, Mumbai is pretty cosmopolitan and people of all faiths usually co-exist in comparative harmony. Not that there is never any tension, but not often.

  6. I too am not very religious, but follow some rituals out of habit or copy my mother or grand mother. But like to hear Vishnu Sahasranama in the morning and Hanuman Chalisa also.

    But, like you say, why religion should come to the road, I don't know. Those people who were on the road with saffron flags would not know anything about Hanuman, just hooligans they are.

    'I would rather observe my faith in my own manner, within the walls of my home.' I agree with you, Radha.

    I just recite 'Ram ram' in jet speed (!) when I am awake at midnight!

  7. Trish - right on all counts!
    KP - The world would truly be a better place. But then what would the trouble makers ( and most times those who seek power) do?
    Kavi, Manju - thanks for being concerned. The trouble is mostly in the old city and life is near normal elsewhere. There was trouble close to work, but fortunately it did not spread. People are tired of it all - we had enough violence during the Telangana stir.
    Sandhya - we seem to share a similar routine in the morning.

  8. Radha,

    Great post. makes you reflect. I do hope that things have calmed down at your end. ...

    I thought you would be interested to read This....

  9. I totally agree with your views.
    Love is the essence of all religions and loved the quote by the dutch- I do believe in God, But I do not trust his ground personnel...
    May Peace be upon us all!!

  10. Great. You have captured a unusual scene.

  11. Anjani - A small village close to Trimbak, Nasik and is said to be the place where Hanuman ji was born. A temple is there but above the hills which is about 2-3 hours of climb. May be soon I will visit.

  12. Sigh! The riots were really draining! And nw the limelight is on some hyped issue and no one suddenly cares abt the big picture :(

    U r rt abt Hanuman Chalisa or any stotras for that matter :)

  13. And cud nt agree more with u abt the religions part! Y do such things in the name of celebrations :(

  14. very nice quote and post. Like you mentioned home is my temple. I live very close to hindu temple I seldom visit.

  15. Certain quotes used are lovely ....

  16. Too many unimportant issues are given importance... add to this S and S marriage.

  17. I remember the 'Hanuman Jayanti' day. Until then I never knew such a jayanti existed. And even I recite hanuman chalisa daily! Hanuman to me is the embodiment of selflessness. And such actions in his name!

    We all understand that this is political strategy. We all agree that religious fervour is being stirred up to capture power. Yet these goons, be they saffron or green, get voted back to power. I don't understand it. Then I wonder, is it better that they are voted into power - so they don't create violence to gain power - or is it better that they remain out of power- so they know what their place is in democracy. I havent been able to decide so far.

  18. Wonderful philosophy Radha. Totally in agreement.

  19. Radha, I so agree with what you have said. I loved the quote.

    I have to stop here otherwise my comment will become an essay. I know because I've started this comment over several times, smiles.


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