Monday, February 1, 2010

Haji Ali Dargah - Glimpses of Mumbai Part I

Haji Ali is a mosque and a dargah, constructed in 1431, and is located on an islet off the coast in Mumbai.  I had gone to attend a nephew's marriage and was lucky to have stayed where I had a good view of the dargah. 

The day was clear except for a slight mist ( or was it pollution - since it was almost past 10 in the morning). 

This was as the sun was setting and the water was receding too.

 And there were patterns on the shore as the water receded and the reflection of the setting sun made a beautiful sight.

I did want to visit the shrine but could not for lack of time and company.  But then I did have my fill of the beautiful scene.


  1. Awesome pictures. Heard about Haji Ali Dargah. Not visited yet. As a matter of fact, never been to Mumbai yet. Every time we come to India, the whole time is spent in Tamilnadu only. From next time onwards, will make sure to visit other places. Posts like yours want us to.

  2. I have seen this from the road.Your pics made the scene memorable.Thanks for the comments.I don't hv your ID to write to you

  3. I lived in Mumbai for five years and never visited. Besides I thought it was just for Muslims. But I may be wrong. I love the pictures you take though was it irritating to get all that sand in your clothes after the beach?
    And I am betting it was pollution and not misty at 10!

  4. When I went to Mumbai..I wanted to see this Dargah..and i felt so blessed when i could see it..its really a divine place.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Radha. I loved the last one esp.!

  6. Awesome snaps and indeed a lovely place !

    These days though, the Haji Ali juice center holds lot more mindshare !


  7. So you visited Mumbai- was this your first visit here?

    The pictures are lovely- particularly the one taken just after sunset.

  8. Breathtaking! Loved the sunset pictures with the sun reflected in the tiny pools of water along the strand.

  9. Beautiful pictures. Loved them all

  10. SG: Mumbai can be quite a shock if it is the first visit.
    KP,Sandhya,Kavi,Katy, Deepak : Thank you
    Jaya - Anyone can visit the dargah. And the pictures were taken from a room on the second floor, without the sand!
    Antarman - I missed visiting the place.
    Manju - My first visit was as a child and my father took me to almost all there was so see. The traffic was not like how it is now and one could cover so much in a day. After that I have been there a couple of times, but mostly confined to one area.

  11. This daragh has a very long history. I was not aware of this. Snaps are beautiful.

  12. Whoa! Beautiful sights captured.
    Thanks for that link.


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