Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being Young: Growing Old

I never thought about this before. And it is not about looks. Incidentally, I must admit that I was lured into hunting for the product which shows the not- so- young glamorous thing advertising for a brand of anti-wrinkle cream. I went looking for it at the store. One look at the price tag of the tiny bottle ( it did not look so small in the ad!) had me convinced about the need to age gracefully.

My thoughts are about being young, younger and youngest. It is fine when you are young – as by the number that you fill as age in various forms. Between the ages of 0-12, that may mean being pampered ( a wee bit I must admit), bullied ( it does happen all the time) or spoilt ( no, I never was – my brother might debate about that). But the youngest by law of nature does grow old too. Now, that is the subject of this post.

As the kids grow and leave home, you cannot look around for someone to answer the door, the phone, the small errands. It takes more than a little effort. And consider family outings. Especially the last one. Two in the 50s , two in the 60s and two approaching 80s. Not that I mind getting up while an elder (relatively…) walks in, or offering to help clear the table. This comes naturally and ungrudgingly. On the positive side, some pampering does happen here too!

But it was not easy when we went out in a six seater van. Six seats – the seating by itself comfortable and not a problem. Getting in…Oh, that was! … ‘the youngest’ had to balance on this tiny projected piece of metal that had to pass off as a step, double up to avoid receiving a nasty bump on the head, all in wedding finery. Now, that WAS difficult. And one hoped the ride continued forever. As getting out was even tougher.

Phew! It then dawned on me that being young(er) as you age is difficult and demanding. I’m sure Bryan Adam’s did not even remotely think of my predicament. But, I might as well resign to being ‘ 18 till I die’


  1. LOL, the cost of the anti ageing cream made you want to age gracefully. I know that is just one reason of many.:)
    For me being young is a state of mind rather than the body, which I am assuming is true for most of us. Except for that friend of mine who gets a chemical peel three times a year and is considering botox.
    Now that I am older I can say youth is overrated. :) Looking back they were the best years of my life but there were also moments I would definitely go back and change.
    Don't think there is much I would change of my 'older' but more wiser years, so far at least. :)

  2. very true post!..I have felt the same so many alone without children, I have to do all the running around and since my MIl is very aged, I have to do so many things which I would have preffered someone else to do for even me...but that is modern life.
    In early 50's and i am considered young enough to do all the work and old enough not to behave like a young person.

  3. I enjoyed this post! I am also 'aging gracefully'- it is far too much trouble to do otherwise!

    As for always being the youngest- I can imagine that it would sometimes be a problem. Both my husband and I are the eldest among our respective siblings, so I have not had that experience!

  4. Beautiful post. You have said it nicely "ageing gracefully". Being younger has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

  5. I attended a seminar where the speaker was a female doctor and she is very pro-woman and pro-women's health, and she is vibrant mind and spirit. She says that people grow old in their minds long before their bodies do, and when their bodies catch up, they are hunched and needful. Her retort to that kind of thinking, that when she's 90 she's going to be zooming about on her walking telling all the "old people" to get out of her way because she has places to go, things to do, and things to see. I'm with her!

  6. Loved reading this one.Hope I will also be able to 'age gracefully' :) :)

  7. If there is any physiological aging, yoga says its known by the amount of flexibility of our spine. A poor spine at 25yrs is indicative of a limping life force in the body. And we all know,when we pay some attention to it, we are not our bodies. The body may age, but that intuitive sense of who we are feels and remains the same throughout. Our stories gather the moss of experience, but not the awareness in which the stories are written. Is it not?

  8. Your wonderful post took me back some years , and I just blooged about it. Thank you !

  9. Jaya - it's not just the price tag. I am quite lazy when it comes to beauty practices!
    Antarman - So true. 50s for many is still young ( and why not?)
    Manju - you said it - it is too much trouble to stay young ( lookwise). And besides I am a fitness freak, which is something I would rather be!
    Rajesh - being younger has its advantages.. but they do diminish as you grow older :-)
    Katy - I would love to 'zoom' around too.
    Swaram - ponder over this later - right now enjoy your youth
    Deepak - We are not our bodies, but they can influence your movements. I just met a wonderful lady, who is 80, has great difficulty moving, but is so alert and a joy to meet, and regales you with her anecdotes.
    Ugich - Welcome. I am a regular vistor at your blog.

  10. The fountain of youth comes at a price. Isn't that why all the stories dealing with the fountain of youth filled with betrayals and treachery?

    Anyways, nothing like aging gracefully? :)

  11. haaa! I hope I can age gracefully too, be agile in the mind and body when I'm a 100 years old and in the pink of my health:))

    Thumb rule: the mind rules and the body obeys...

    LOL @ the Perspective


  12. A very nicely written article.Age one must but aging gracefully is in one's hand.
    A quote I read
    "Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth, to some good angel leave the rest; For Time will teach thee soon the truth, there are no birds in last year's nest! "
    Thank you for your comments in my blog.I have no address to thank you by mail.

  13. I loved reading this post, Radha! I would like to be 'me' always! No chemical peels or gym visits. I do some easy yoga exercises and morning walk is a must for both my husband and myself. Both of us are happy for what/how we are!

    I am still doing the 'door bell answering' etc. even when my son is home! I am used to it and nobody thinks that I am old and others should take over!

    I checked the pricetag of the 'anti wrinkle' cream - mind boggling rate! I am using 'Kaca' dye (which is herbal, they say!)now once a month and will use for another 2 years till I complete 60 and I am asking my sons to get married before that!

  14. Nice one. I also would like to age gracefully. Also, age is only in our mind.

  15. :) Sweet one, it was a nice read. I feel aging is inevitable better accept it with a smile.

  16. Radha, a nice post which obviously touches everyone... especially the getting-slightly-older.
    Yes, I put back an anti-ageing cream because of the price too. Not worth the slight lift it can give one.
    On my last visit home, My aunt was asking me to climb on the wall if not the tree to pluck some mangoes. I may feel middle aged but obviously, a spring chicken to her 90s. Its' all in everyone else's mind. :-)

  17. I would always be 29 physically, but 12 or 13 eternally :)))

  18. Its been a while since I've been by dear Radha and you haven't aged a bit..grin! Love your post...I too am the youngest...and still the expectation in the family is that I am able, as ever, to take on all kinds of running here and there. Funny thing though...I am not so young anymore. I too find those climbing in and out of vehicles not so easy anymore. As for aging gracefully...I've never been what I say, do or look. Grin. But I would not spend money to change one hair on my head....I am quite content with how I feel on the inside. And that is simply....ageless! Love your post....I am imagining dear Radha that you are a beautiful woman and that age has not touched your countenance at all!

  19. Nona - Am not seeking the fountain of youth at all. Grin.
    PNA - welcome here
    KP,Indrani, SG- Thank you
    Sandhya: Hope the sons get married soon.
    Kallu - We are in the same boat!
    Braja - Your website shows that you are eternally young. Great way to be.
    Trish - I like the picture you have of me, and I shall not refute that at all - better you keep that image of mine, though it is so not true!

  20. Loved this post. I am aging not so gracefully more like kicking and screaming into old age. I had to laugh at the van story. I hate getting into vans where you have to climb the steps....


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