Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chovy ?

A friend sent his car to the garage. A car had rammed into his Chevrolet. It came back with all dents and scratches set right. And a new name!

( Picture courtesy - my brother VP who noticed it! )


  1. Oh Radha, that is priceless!!! Only in India, hmmm?

  2. ha ha....:). very observant brother :)

  3. Thats really hilarious!!hope the car is still the same!!

  4. Shalini - the car is the same! And the owner intends to keep the name unchanged!

  5. same car, i hope?
    btw, Simon & G and the beatles r my favourites too.
    do check this out:

  6. Oh got to love this one..Hilarious
    and meant to mention too..Simon and Garfunkel are my absolute top favourites too..Though Paul Simon by himself still records I liked some of his work in his recent work (Surprise) most of it misses the magic I think.

  7. hey, what's in a name? If the car runs and the shoe fits...

  8. Lol.

    I have always wondered about what people India think about a brand name like Chevrolet.


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