Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who Needs a Makeover?

I am definitely not qualified to talk about fashion ( if you know me , you'll know why!)

But I love watching shows where the participant get a makeover. I admire their spunk to come on the show. And letting the stylists look into their wardrobe and tear it apart. All their favourite clothes get thrown out. Some of them do need a makeover , while some really don't, but they do seem to look more stylish by the end of the show. But then, I am sure most of us would too designer clothes....if they did not cost the earth.

A participant in one of these shows, remarked that dressing fashionably made her feel so good and confident. We know that, don't we?

In my younger days, we did not have much to choose from . No brands, no readymades. We were at the mercy of the tailor . Most times they were terrible. Clothes may have been custom made, but not necessarily to our size! Makeup was not encouraged. And by the time I 'grew up', I had no interest in them anymore!

I read a column the other day by a male writer - where he discusses dress styles and dressing according to age. I never really thought men had a problem. After all it was the woman who had to ensure that she did not dress like a teenager. Not all of us have the figure of Madonna. But then Madonna does not have to clear the table after a meal. That's where the trouble starts. The start of the middle age flab.

Tim Gunn in his realty show TG's Guide to Style, advises viewers to take time while shopping for clothes. Give style a thought, he says, and buy what suits you. Never buy in a hurry. And always try them on.

Some suggest that as we grow older it is not the question of dressing according to age, but to dress according to shape. Ah.... that makes it difficult. Clothes are stitched for the masses and not for particular shapes.

For those who have age on their side, dress well, and be presentable. I may not be qualified to talk about fashion, but age does give me the wisdom to speak from experience. And being smart - that includes dress sense - can give you the edge.

And for those like me... if you cannot dress fashionably, atleast dress comfortably. We don't have to walk the ramp.

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  1. Oh I so agree with you. Never mind the 'shape' anymore...mine keeps morphing into something new all the time...good grief! But....I am so worried when I see middle aged women suddenly dressing like they were 16 again...embarrassingly! Yikes... I am all for looking young...but I think we should try to do that in our countenance...not our clothing...right? Grin. Good post.

  2. One should dress in what is comfortable to them. If not whole day is gone and setting the dress properly.

  3. I loved this, Radha...well done :)

  4. They say that dressing well does give you confidence. And young people do need to be at their confident best for job interviews, etc.

    At my age, though, I prefer to opt for comfortable clothes, not stylish ones! :)

    Nice post!

  5. what a fun post. On a slightly tangential but connected note, I always wondered if vanity for women was a socially imposed trait. But watching Aarushi convinced me. No way..girls are wired that way...something about adorning yourselves is sooo intrinsically coded into the women folk..its unbelievable.

  6. Deepak, I shall choose to ignore that comment. :-)

  7. Agreed... Dressing presentably makes lot of difference.

    But then Madonna does not have to clear the table after a meal - LOL. Also she dnt hv to go by public transit :) Sply in Indian subcontinent

    Clothes are stitched for the masses and not for particular shapes. - Exactly. Thats why i take hours to select mine. By mid & late 20's most guys bloat to some level atleast.. whereas I'm not. So I find it diffcult to get my choices

  8. I agree that some woman might not believe in being "fashionable" which is clearly misunderstood from being comfortable..I believe one can be fashionable yet comfortable...


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