Friday, May 29, 2009

Sibling Rivalry..

There is an age gap of over 4 years between the children. Like all parents, we thought there might be problems and took great pains to prepare the elder one for the arrival of the newborn. The elder one adored the baby from day 1. Even though the little one clung to me and demanded attention, she showed no resentment. And in fact helped me take care of her.

They both went to the same school too. And most teachers knew the two sisters. At one time, the elder one was learning a poem. All Things Bright and Beautiful by Christina Rosetti - I had picked that for her since I remembered it from my school days! The younger one was always around when the recitation was being rehearsed . And to our surprise on day 3 when the elder one faltered on a word, the younger one prompted her! Again no resentment, and she in fact went and proudly informed the nursery school teacher that her sister could recite the poem. The teacher asked for a demo and was very impressed.

It continued all much so, the elder one remarked last year that sibling rivalry was dead. That is till now... at the age of 26, married and living far away in London.

She is complaining....."Hey ma, I think you are giving her a little too much freedom. You never did allow me to...." and so on. I guess it is not really about the sister. Maybe it is directed towards me? :-)

If you give it a thought , the generation gap for us was about 20 years. Very clearly defined. When you meant the older generation, it meant the parents. But slowly the gap seems to be decreasing. Some even put it down to 2 years now. So there is a different generation it seems between the daughters. And with a little more than half a century of existence, I think I have learnt to accept that the kids require what they call 'their space', and unfortunately or maybe fortunately after the elder one left home .

Well, it may be in good humour, but she can crib. When she is a mother herself, it will be fun to watch her handle the kids! I only need to be the indulgent grand-mother!


  1. hahaha... cheeky!!! Well, you do let her do more than I was ever ALLOWED. I guess a bit of it is my fault to coz I never fought back much for some things. Knowing the younger one once she decides on something, she will do it come what may. Sulk, scream, rant blah blah...
    I never did learn to do all that. I learnt from my mistakes :) and so did she. Now I do what I want to and the husband has a hard time trying to stop me!!!! I AM FREE!!! hehehehe.

    Also, once I am a parent I will be both you and appa rolled into one.
    I am going to be terror!!!

  2. Oh I only have the one daughter so I will never know. But I had three sisters and my oldest sister says the same as your daughter. I think its always harder on the oldest child somehow. Thats the way it is and one day she will get to experience it herself. I cant wait till I am a grandmother too, he he!!

  3. these stories are so much fun. I'm waiting eagerly for the day when I'll experience all these feeling :).
    being a grandmom is sure indulgent. I see it in my extended family and it's a joy to watch.

    OH BTW, the Fabvicon looks awesome :)


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