Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Place in the Sun - hardly!

It is a blistering 43 C out here. And every time I go out of the cool confines of the inner rooms to the balcony, I squint and hurry back indoors. In the neighbourhood where construction activity on a commercial complex is going on , I spot these two workers atop the building ( which should be some 7 storeys or so), who have been there all morning. And I guess that is where they would be till the end of the day for their paltry daily wages.
A hard life they have, yet these are people who would not give a second thought about wasting resources which are a luxury for them. I have seen them queueing outside waiting near a water tap. And despite all the effort that they take to fill a precious bucket of water, they do not think twice before emptying it . Probably they live for the moment and are hardly bothered about saving or conserving the precious resource for the future.
Can you blame them?


  1. Life does seem to bless some people with poverty.Keeps them firmly rooted with what's now indeed.

    Isn't it our minds which perceive the harshness for someone else. For the guys there the heat would be one of the things to deal with as dispassionately as throwing water away.The african bushman would not miss the modern comforts we are used to. He simply does not know they exist. It doesnt necessarily mean he suffers.Suffering is our personal projection , dont you think?

  2. Very true. As standard of life improves, our endurance for certain hardships decrease. Sad!


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