Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009

Another year. Somehow the posts here were few and far between the last few months . Hopefully that is a thing of the past.

We hope to see the elder one this year, something to look forward to .

However, this year the younger one will move farther away where her new job will take her, not really something to look forward to.

But it means one step in the journey as she takes off to lead her life independently. Someone remarked that you have to let them go. One would think that the severing of the umbilical cord occurred when the baby is born. But a mother ( and the father too!) would know it never really took place. It is foolish to think it did!

With these profound thoughts, we move into the new year. Hello 2009!


  1. yay!!! momma and pappy along with etiphant are coming to see me!!!!

    Love love love

  2. I object. I am much less etiphant than Sister Bulldozer. Also, so silly parents are- must know I will always be their Sugar Cube/ Dadu forever.

    (Yes, sa. me = dadu. you = chop. bwahahahaa.)


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