Friday, September 19, 2008

Does it need to end like this?

photo credit: The Hindu images
I made a similar post last year voicing my thoughts about the Ganesh puja and the festivities that go along with it. It is sad that the idol that is brought with a lot of fanfare and the pujas that follow for 10 days has to end like this. Is this devotion of any sort?


  1. No its a big farce. It starts with strangers who knock your doors 'demanding' 'chandaa' for the entire circus. Your choice in it is irrelevant. How much you pay them is the only question that matters. Indignantly they collect your money to fund their circus. I really challenge how many of these really know why they are doing it and if it really mattered to the diety they are trying to please. I do not despise the merry making, but find the rather mindless commercialisation of the festival vulgar. It includes making larger that the largest statues and then dunking tons of waste into precious waters. I read one account which said it took 40yrs atleast for the soil in waters to absorb the clay while the more harmful paint and iron cast devastate the delicate eco-system in the waters. Really how can there be any sense of devotion to this all.

  2. You have put it so well. And since change especially in our country,and anything to do with religion, cannot be overnight, I wish there could be a law that the statue sizes have to show a decrease in height by atleast 20% each year, specifying that only clay and no plaster of paris be used. Colours to be banned. And over a period of time ban any religious activity to be practised outside the four walls of the home or religious place. And also a restriction on the use of a public address system for such activities.


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