Monday, September 8, 2008

Discovery of India from the West

I read an article in The Hindu that Joshua McGuire a double Olympian in fencing, former World Under-17 champion and the gold medalist at the last Commonwealth championship came straight from Beijing to learn the art of Kalari Payatu in Kerala.
He believes that it could teach him better hand eye coordination and agility which are important in his sport of fencing.
I am sure there are researchers in India who have studied some of our traditional sports like Kalari Payatu, the Mal Khamb, the Aranmula Boat Race, who could propagate some of the skills that are imparted so that we could produce some world class fencers, gymnasts and rowers . With yoga thrown in during the training we could improve their mental prowess as well.
It is strange that a foreigner had realised , just from a demonstration in Canada, that there was something in this art that could help him improve his game!!
It seems that it was not just Vasco da Gama who discovered India....

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