Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day off

We took off today. For no reason at all. It must be years since we took a holiday like this - for no reason. And we just sat at home. We wondered if this was how retired life would be. Just the two of us at home, watching TV, listening to music, reading, no rush - sounds great and very relaxing, but I must confess it was rather boring. Is this how retired life would be , we wondered. I remember the time, as we rushed to work, we would see these old men in their sparkling white dhotis, sitting in comfortable cane chairs reading a newspaper, and think enviously how lucky they were. And now we are maybe a couple of years younger than those old men and I have my misgivings. Is it really a good life? We do not have too long to wait to find out!!

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  1. you took off??? you actually took off?????!!!!! Amazing!!!! Scary... but amazing!!! Don't worry, by the time you both retire, you'll have enough to keep you occupied. Eg: Grandkids, shopping for next visit abroad, travelling, doing religious stuff, singing, writing a book (for fa), embroidery etc, etc, etc...


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