Monday, June 23, 2008

Taking control of our lives...

Was it a coincidence that I read an article about taking control of our lives and that very evening I had a person over for dinner who has done just that!!
First, the article. It talks about a book - The Secret, which reveals “the most powerful law in the Universe” as unearthed by Rhonda Byrne . The film and book of the same name ( I have not read the book or seen the movie but am quoting the article) suggests that we take control of our lives and fulfil our dreams with just the help of our own thoughts and feelings. This is due to what Rhonda calls the “power of attraction”. This law states that we end up attracting into our lives what we want with which we can handle our lives the way we wish to. We just have to wish, believe and then rejoice according to her.
And now to the person ( a close relative)* who I believe has made things work for her without reading the book!. She in fact did tell my elder one ( when things were not really working out) that she should always think positively. She advised her to keep talking and dreaming about whatever she wanted in a positive manner. Over and over again. And she said that before long the dream would materialise into reality.
If you go by her* life, her career, her plans for her family, you will realise that she had ensured that it happened just as she destined it to be. It has never seemed to amaze the rest of us. I try hard on and off to adopt her philosophy. It does not always work. Maybe the pessimistic Libran attitude is quite the opposite. But off late I have realised that if I want something very badly, I tell this lady and ask her to pray for it to happen. After that simple act, I am sure that I have put things on track and it helps!!
So, if you can't take control of your life at least entrust it to someone who can!!

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