Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cruella ...

I wonder if the kids perceive me to be Cruella deville.
The younger one called me from Delhi today. She said she had a stye and was wondering if she should take the day off. I asked her so many questions that she finally said, never mind, I'll just go to work!
It's something I just seemed to have inherited from my father. He never was one to encourage us to stay at home. In all his working years I had not seen him take a day off unless it was an emergency. He had a great pain threshold and illnesses and aches never got him down. Vacations were planned well in advance. No impulsive decision to stay at home. It did not matter to him if he had not availed a single casual leave in a particular year! There are very few of his kind these days. But his attitude did rub off on us. And I followed the same rules with the children ( maybe the younger one managed to stay back on few occasions)
The elder one was not given too much leeway and consequently did win quite a few awards for full attendance at college causing a cousin to ask incredulously 'you did not bunk a single day of college?'

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  1. hehehehe. I dont think you are Cruella momma.. I am glad of the times that you did push me to school or college or even work for that matter. I too feel guilty about taking off unnecessarily. I would rather plan and take off than just get up one morning and decide that I didnt want to go in to work. It is a good habit that I wouldn't want to let go and hope that my kids will fell the same. I want to be their "Cruella"!!!


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