Monday, June 30, 2008

Sights at the station

It has been some time since we went to the Secunderabad railway station and it was a pleasant surprise to see it all done up. At night when the darkness hides the filth on the tracks the station really looked good. I did annoy those who were with me as I took these pictures.

The Rajdhani train was at the Secunderabad station. The train that has been totally branded by Airtel with their message Barriers break when people talk. Great way to advertise considering the fact that the train covers the distance from Delhi to Bangalore. The cost is estimated to be Rs 6 crore per train and the maintenance and annual fee amounting to another 3.5 crore per year.

But the other side of life at the station - those who do not have the waiting rooms or even the confirmed reservation - use the platform to relax and sleep.

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  1. Love the observation. Railway stations are surely a great place to observe the cross-section.The moneyed,the hurried,the grieved,the anxious,the desolate,the content,the needy,aspirational..all part of the journey'.Love it.


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