Tuesday, June 24, 2008

any takers for this one?

We shall never forget this purchase. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and we had just dropped in at this exhibition on our way back and were well on our way out until someone spotted this object.

It was a ooh and an aah and the salesman just caught the look and expression and let off his sales talk. It is from one single piece of walnut wood, exquisitely chiseled from Kashmir, blah, blah blah. Our man fell for it hook line and sinker.
It is not as if we did not appreciate the piece but for the price that was being quoted?? Definitely not thought the three of us and walked away. Only to find that someone had stopped and made the purchase. We were told that we had no aesthetic sense.
It still finds a place of pride in our living room. At least out of respect for the price tag.


  1. Haha. I remember that day. (It's so ugly).

  2. turned la's watch strap into some weird colour.... silly fa man!!!! Patron of arts :)

  3. Just shows your lack of anything artistic. It is a walnut wood single piece carved into this beautiful box. Unfortunately, it now houses, milk bill, nail cutters, broken buttons and discarded watches.

    So much for my effort to make my some people appreciate the art.

  4. We people do appreciate art immensly and la and I have you to thank for it. But a seeminlgly smart man mindlessly spending and being taken for a ride by a smooth talking salesman is not much to be appreciative of :D


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