Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A day with my friends

A classmate of mine was in town. It was close to 28 - or was it 30 years since I last met her. She had indicated to a friend that it had been a long time and asked about my well being. And so, here I was with a group of friends from UG days heading out to a temple. My family was surprised. I am not one of those who visits temples on a regular basis. It was more an occasion to meet my friends. This was not the group I hung around with. Yet that did not seem to matter when we went out today, nor did the years we lost contact make a difference either. It seemed so strange.

We visited two temples in the area. The picture here is the Saraswati Temple at Wargal. And then we were heading back when we decided to stretch the day a little more. We took a detour to a farm house of a friend. And spent almost two hours just chatting, laughing and exploring the place. We had a great time.

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