Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shankranti aka Pongal

Pongal/Shankranti was fun. We had this colourful rangoli that was made and we had the kids and friends at home. Having active youngsters at home is the best thing to happen these days ( despite the mess that invariably follows). The traditional pongal was prepared. I FLEW A KITE TOO!!. Of course the art of kite flying was thanks to being the only girl in the family and also the youngest, so I got to tag along with the two brothers and picked up these skills. It was a lot easier now flying from the rooftop of the building. There is definitely more wind power and flying a kite is not too difficult. As a kid I had the experience of flying a kite from an open ground where we had to use a lot of hand movements to get the kite flying. And of course being able to manouver was another thing since there were more trees around. ( these days there are more buildings and wires that we have to contend with). And making the famous manja at home with glass powder and the sticky sap of a cactus to bind the glass powder on the string. Thank You S-I-L for the happy moments of kite flying.

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