Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is God Deaf?

This was a banner put up by a scientist in Mumbai. He was referring to the din that is created in the name of religion. And his words could not be more true. We have both a temple ( practically next door) and a mosque some distance away. The noise ( unfortunately I am referring to the prayers) is unbelievable. Right from the time the devout walk into the temple we have the 'bhajans' blaring from the sound system that has been installed. And as if to compete with them is the neighbourhood mosque, which has speakers placed right onto their top floor - facing our house- and we have at most times a muezzin who absolutely screams the prayers 5 times a day. The call for namaz can be beautifully rendered, alas, this is not the case here. And so Is god deaf really becomes relevant. I am sure he can feel the reverence without the din. And is that why on most Diwali days we have a heavy downpour - a message from above, to cut down all that racket?

We also have marriage processions that pass through the narrow lane adjacent to our apartment, the various processions for different festivals, the politicians who gather to garner votes.. the list is unending. Sadly the husband also adds to the noise when we go on a drive, incessantly sounding the horn - adding to the noise pollution .

Noise can really drive me up the wall. I find it very unnerving, these loud sounds. Maybe if you think I complain so much, I would appreciate silence. That is not true either. My uncle had this beautiful cottage at Kotagiri. Ah , the view was breathtaking, the air so very fresh and so very silent. For a holiday, a stay there was wonderful, but only for couple of days, after which I used to long for the sounds of the city.

Then does it seem strange that I am complaining??
However, on a serious note there is a group that has been formed - Anti Noise Pollution Committee - in Mumbai - hoping to curb the noise levels in our country. They say it is now established that noise pollution may rupture the eardrum, and even induce cardiac and cardiovascular changes, fatigue and also cause sleep disturbances, headache and insomnia" . Think about it and do your bit to cut down noise levels.

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  1. very well said....BRAVO!! So true yet i have my doubt's if there is ever anything that can be done in this secular country !


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