Monday, January 28, 2008

The big fat Indian wedding...

I attended the wedding of my friend's daughter. Thirty years ago I attended the wedding of the mother. We were classmates in college. We had good times. We studied together, and then she either came over home ( my father and grandmother were fond of her and she was a welcome guest), and other times at her place. Her romance created a lot of excitement for all of us at college and we followed it closely. She got married eventually and after a couple of years I did too and we lost touch for a while since she moved out of town. When she came back again we renewed contact but then we were busy with kids, husbands, in laws, career and did not have too much time on our hands to socialise. It was only after the kids grew up that we got back to meeting more frequently and exchanged notes.

Ah yes, it was a very pleasant morning. Yet another event to remind us of our responsibilities and the passage of time. We will meet again soon to recollect the occasion , I am sure, and dwell on the past and move on into the future....

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