Friday, November 30, 2007

The golden oldies....

This is the age of anti wrinkle creams, face lifts and makeovers.

Personally, I started feeling old when I turned 35. That lasted a few years. And now I have crossed 50. My children like to gently remind me that this was a year ago. OK. So what if am 51! I have started looking forward to growing older. Not that I like those fine lines (aka wrinkles) that have begun to appear. But I do realise that there is a lot to look forward to as you grow older. I have begun to enjoy my children's achievements.

Our generation of oldies has had a good mix of life. We have enjoyed spending childhood and youth without the cell phone or the Internet, yet adapting to it with little difficulty. We have lived without the telephone, car, television,washing machine or the microwave. And therefore appreciate these devices that reduce drudgery without becoming complete slaves to them. We have experienced the joys of small town life having plucked fruits off trees rather than off the shelves in the supermarket.

And like our adopted granddaughter would say Good Life. So baby boomers go ahead apply the exotic lotion, the hair colour ( notice how they avoid calling it the 'hair dye'), look young, be fit and enjoy growing older.


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