Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mother in law day today

I read someplace that the 4th Sunday of October is the mother in law day - observed since 2002. Wonder who observes it. It seems to be going unnoticed. I would not have given it much thought either, except that I have turned a m-i-l this year. I must have been greeted innumerable times by a 'hi , mother in law' or invariably by a question - how does it feel being a mother in law. Initially, I felt strange that people asked me that!! I can understand questions like - how does it feel being married or how does it feel being a new mother. Those are relevant questions. Those indeed seem real milestones in life. But being a mother in law? I did not feel any different for some time. But surprisingly now I do! Not being a mother in law really, but knowing that your daughter has moved out of your house into another and trying to make adjustments. It feels good to see her adapting to her new life. That's when I do feel like a mother in law. And one more addition to the family even though the daughter has moved out is rather comforting.


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