Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are you aggressive on the net?

In this article Freedland talks about being a different person on the net.  I can quite relate to that.  As someone who might not retaliate in person, I take up issues on the net.  Bad service, faulty product... and I am online making a complaint. I have found it quite effective. 

Freedland states that just as a car windscreen can make a person ruder than he would have been as a mere pedestrian, the computer screen also has some sort of a similar effect!  It brings out the darker side of the person!  He states -quote - For reasons not yet fully understood, the internet seems to have robbed many of embarrassment. Unquote.

Interesting.  Does it work the same way for you?  I think I should mentally put myself behind a screen when I have to take up issues next time. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Jumbo Project

A real Grand Trunk Road - an underpass built in Kenya so that the elephants get to safely cross over to the forest without either endangering their lives or that of the motorists.  Totally built with donor funds.

We have many jumbo projects in our city.  One underpass that is nearing completion after over three years....

They had to get the permission of the railways and that took time.  Makes you wonder why they ever started off without the permission.

And another one

which took seven years for completion..... all because half way through, they realised they did not know where to end the flyover!! 

Which really is the jumbo project?
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