Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to regular blogging... hopefully in 2013

The last posting here was seven months ago.   But then that was 2012.  The new year is upon us.  I have not made new year resolutions for a very long time.  I remember as a kid ( and now I am a new grand-mother, so that seems ages ago ) I would get a diary at the beginning of the year and resolve to write each day.  I think it hardly lasted a week.  Either it was just an ordinary day, or something too personal to write about.  And I think that is exactly what happened to my blog.  Too much happened last year !  Too much to share.

It is not that I stayed away from the virtual world.  Far from it.  And funnily I was more active on my food blog.  Strange.. since I am not really fond of cooking !  But finding so many food blogs and like-minded people sharing recipes made what might otherwise have been another boring chore a lot more interesting.

There were many decisions we had to make in 2012  the impact of which, we will know in 2013.  We shut our small sized enterprise, our younger one went abroad to do her LLM, and the elder one had a baby !  Right now away from home, we return to India in March and move to our own apartment.  It is not the dream home I always wanted, but I am wiser and understand I can make it make it my own little space.

As of now,  I cannot think too far ahead.  Our lives are focused now around this little being who came into our lives 10 weeks ago.  And I am content.

More resolutions (apart from regular blogging ) I shall make as the year progresses.  I find the mid-year ones are more realistic.  And achievable.

Cheers ! 
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